Pro Precision Nail Scissors, Micro-Serrated Curved Blades

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Product Overview

  • Rui Smiths nail scissors features a curved cutting edge that is micro-serrated, making it anti-slip and effective for cutting. The edges are honed by master artisans in Solingen, Germany, famously known as the City of Blades. This ergonomic, high-quality manicure tool also sports a fine adjustment screw.
  • They are forged from 100% top-grade European inox stainless steel. You can feel the quality by the sheer weight of the trimmers in your hand and how effortlessly they cut. Trimming fingernails and toenails will become one of your favourite grooming routines.
  • Our nail-beauty tools meet the demanding needs of spas and salons in more than 30 countries. Stay safe by carefully cleaning and drying your beauty implements after each use. Stainless steel tools are suitable for use in autoclaves.
  • We are proud to use recyclable plastic packaging that is also reusable for your convenience. Our nail tools are made under strict control and certifications for all production and logistics processes according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.
  • Each Rui Smiths tool is crafted with care. We offer a 100% guarantee against manufacturing issues or defects. Simply contact us for a refund or replacement.